NHF Sign…Approved!

January 26, 2009

An update from Chae:

The Tarrytown Village Architecture Board (ARB) approved NHF’s sign proposal on Jan 21st. Rev Doster and Hugh J. presented the proposal to the ARB. Chae, Edward, and Jimmy Ahn also attended the meeting.

Hugh did a wonderful job presenting the need for the sign and amazingly, the town architecture board was very, very supportive of the proposal and unanimously approved it (with a minor adjustments on the height and the location of the sign).

The same board had rejected a similar proposal a couple of years ago for one of the businesses that is renting space at RCoT, but last night, all six members of the board commented that they want us to have a permanent sign.

As I was driving home, I just felt the ARB meeting result is another indication of the BROADCAST work that our God wants to do in the Tarrytown community. It was so good to get such strong support from Hugh & Pastor Doster and from the town board!  There are a couple of more steps left, but this is definitely a big step forward.

Bring New Hope to Tarrytown

Bringing New Hope to Tarrytown


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