Praying For Peace, Please

January 5, 2009

The news about the ongoing war in Gaza is unavoidable.  I feel an added sense of the tragic, knowing that this is the land where my Lord lived and died in order to give the world hope, peace and a life everlasting in glory with the Father.  In these days — when we are too far away, too powerless, too lacking in knowledge to “do” anything — would you please join me in doing the following, as we declare ourselves to be lovers and followers of Christ, who is ever-near, ever-strong and ever-wise …

… Please do not avert your eyes from the video footage.  Please do not ignore the headlines.  Please do not become inured to the unceasing hostility.  Please do not tune out the sound bites, which include bombs crashing, sirens keening and children crying.  

… Please read up on the situation, the fighting, the human interests.  Please let your hearts be moved to pain for fellow humanity.  Please take time to feel hurt, compassion, confusion and despair.  Please allow room in your guts for churning discomfort and an aversion to complacency.  Please turn your eyes away from yourselves and onto others.

… Please ask the Lord to rest His merciful gaze upon the region and all the people there.  Please ask our Father to reign sovereign, in power and love and grace.  Please ask Him to alight His Presence there, as He did once before.  

Please pray for peace in the Mideast.


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