Save the Dates …

December 7, 2008

December is a busy month for many of us, and for many different reasons.  Here are some more events to add to the month’s calendar, but we hope these will carry the happy weight of joy, generosity and drawing close to the heart of God our Father … and we hope to see MANY of you there!:

    Tuesday, Dec. 16th (evening), Even Start Christmas Party at the Paulding School in Tarrytown:  come join us as we celebrate Christmas with our friends at Even Start, enjoy their presentations and give with Christ’s love the gifts we’ve gathered for the children.

    Friday, Dec. 19th (7.30p), NHF Prayer & Praise Night at church

    Saturday, Dec. 20th (10.00a), Hillside Food Outreach Training: NHF is taking steps toward developing meaningful relationships with those in our local and not-so-local community, and the Hillside Food Outreach might be one of those steps.  Join us in getting more information about this wonderful outreach & service program (for adults and youth) that will enable us to behold & broadcast the mercy and majesty of our God to those around us.  (Bonus point: Bernie Williams, of the New York Yankees, the best-baseball-team-ever-don’t-edit-me-David, is an HFO supporter and spokesman!)


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