Pray for the Jees (updates after the jump)

November 30, 2008

The Jee twins’ original due-date was January 31; her doctors anticipated safe and natural delivery closer to Christmas-time.  But after experiencing some spotting and mild contractions, Julie was admitted this morning to the hospital for monitoring.  Please keep Julie and the twins (and Paul & Rennie) in your prayers today and throughout the foreseeable future.

Please pray for:

  • the twins’ continued healthy growth & “fattening up”
  • a stop to the contractions until God REALLY wants the twins to come out
  • the Lord’s sustenance of and protection over Julie & Paul’s thoughts, spirits and bodies
  • His presence to also be close companion to Rennie, keeping away anxiety & fear

(Julie is in the Labor & Delivery department at Vassar Brothers Hospital.)


As of Sunday, Nov. 30, 9.30p:

Julie will be spending at least tonight at Vassar Brothers.  During the day, her contractions increased in strength & frequency, so the doctors upped her magnesium dosage.  As a result, Julie became quite tired and nauseated, but the contractions did recede to mild levels once more. 

There is a tiny chance Julie will be discharged this week, to modified bed-rest (shower & eat, and nothing else).  But, she might also be kept at Vassar Brothers until delivery.  She is now at 31 weeks, and the doctors say 34 weeks is a safe marker at which to deliver.  So the twins have been given steroids to quicken lung development, just in case.  Nevertheless, obviously, the longer the babies stay in, the better …

Paul’s parents have come up to stay indefinitely, so the home-front (food, errands, chores) are covered, and Rennie’s home & school schedule will be kept as stable & normal as possible.

Please keep praying for all five of the Jees … and as Julie & Paul are now spending some time in some unexpected places, let’s also ask God to reveal Himself through them to the staff they interact with, so that even as the doctors and nurses tend to Julie and the twins, the Jees would tend to them in return with the love & light of Christ.


As of Monday, Dec. 1, 2.00p:

Julie’s contractions have subsided greatly, and there is a decent chance she’ll be released tomorrow …


As of Tuesday, Dec. 2, 10.45a:

There’s a good chance Julie will come home today, and Rennie is doing well.  Here’s a note from Paul:

    “she is doing well. she’s off her drips and is just being monitored. only a few contractions they are attributing to braxton hicks. she should come home [Tuesday] if everything goes well. thanks … for all your concerns and support as well as the for all the prayers by … the new hope family. we heard them from here.”

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