Joint Thanksgiving Eve Service

November 26, 2008

Please join us at the joint Thanksgiving Eve service at 7.30pm on Wed at First Baptist-Tarrytown [56 S. Broadway], with seven area churches gathering across denominations. The speaker will be Gershwin Grant from Calvary Church.  The service will be followed by pie and coffee fellowship. If anyone can bring a pie by 7.15pm that would be great.


One Response to “Joint Thanksgiving Eve Service”

  1. Chae Says:

    On Wed evening, several from NHF joined other area churches for joint Thanksgiving worship service at the First Baptist Church. Participating churches were: Calvary Baptist Church, Community Bible Chapel, Faith Lutheran Brethren Church, First Baptist Church, NHF, Ossining Gospel Assembly, and Resurrection Baptist Church. The pastors of these churches took various parts in the service, with Edward giving Prayer of Thanksgiving and Pastoer Gershwin Grant delivering the sermon on “Our God is Worthy of Thanksgiving Every Day”. Grace Cho and Jennifer also shared a brief testimony and announcements about the Perspectives class.

    It was joyous, just to be among the fellow believers in the Tarrytown & Ossining area. I was so glad that Pastor Torrey Robinson took the initiative to get these 7 churches together, uniting together to worship God and hopefully to work together to bring gospel to the Tarrytown/Ossining communities.

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