Save the Date: The Gospel Coalition Conference

November 15, 2008

Gospel Coalition Conference

If you caught the ‘Golden Nuggets’ post, you’ve seen the Gospel Coalition website. Well, the Gospel Coalition also sponsors an annual conference. Although the conference is targeted at pastors, anybody can attend. This year’s conference is being held on April 21-23, 2009 in Chicago, IL at the Donald E. Stephens Conference Center. Just click on the image to the left to visit the conference webpage. If you are interested in attending the conference, feel free to make a note in the comments of this post. Here’s an excerpt from the conference webpage:

The theme of this Conference gets to the heart of the book of Second Timothy. As Paul is mentoring a young Timothy, he is communicating the great privilege of proclaiming the gospel to the world. In an age bereft of courageous leadership, declining biblical literacy, and rising cultural accommodation, a prophetic voice from the center is needed, a voice that faithfully speaks the ancient text to our contemporary context. This Conference seeks a renewal of faithful preaching that is rooted in the Scriptures and centered on the gospel

The Plenary Sessions — led by John Piper, Phil Ryken, Mark Driscoll, K. Edward Copeland, Bryan Chapell, and Ligon Duncan — will expound the book of Second Timothy. It is through these expositions that we hope to model the sort of preaching through Scripture of which the church is in need, while teaching the glories of this gospel of the blessed God that has been entrusted to the care of the church. Tim Keller and Don Carson will each give addresses that seek to situate gospel-faithful ministry in the currents of the twenty-first century, and Ajith Fernando will discuss the global challenges and priorities of gospel-faithful mission for the next Christendom. There will also be several workshops devoted to the faithful appropriation of text (Scripture) to context (contemporary issues).


One Response to “Save the Date: The Gospel Coalition Conference”

  1. chaesq Says:

    Did anyone notice that one of the Workshop speaker’s names is “Buster Brown?” Awesome.

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