Biggest Loser – Week 5 of 14

November 10, 2008

Collectively, our best week-to-week change.  The new guys (Kyu and Walter) are putting the rest of us to shame.  It is not without effort, though, as they have both been running to shed those pounds. Marcelo is showing some let up with the big cushion he’s built.  We need to take advantage and catch-up!  We’re coming up on Thanksgiving so you need to get your exercise routines going.

Robert and Cesar need to turn things around!

Standings (week to week / overall):
1. Marcelo L: -0.1%, -5.4%
2. Walter J: -1.4%, -1.4%
3. Kyu H: -1.0%, -1.0%
4. Ken K: -0.1%,-1.0%
5. Dave K: -0.9%,-0.9%
6. Peter Y: -0.3%,-0.4%
7. John C: +0.4%, -0.3%
8. Jimmy A: -0.7%, -0.2%
9. Cesar C: +1.1%, +0.7%
10. Robert N: +0.6%, +0.8%


One Response to “Biggest Loser – Week 5 of 14”

  1. ouiseigneur Says:

    nice job, guys! keep up the good work…munch munch

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