Spiritual Diagnostic #2: Quotes to Live By

November 7, 2008

Are you increasingly governed by God’s Word?

Some inspirational quotes from Billy Graham.

“Our day at home begins with Bible reading and prayer. I know it is old-fashioned, but so are breathing, eating, and sleeping.”

“Through the years of experience I have learned that it is far better to miss breakfast than to forego a session with His Word. Not that Bible reading is some kind of religious fetish which brings good fortune, but that I myself lack decisiveness and purpose and guidance when I neglect what is more important than my necessary food.”

I hope to realize such need in my life…


One Response to “Spiritual Diagnostic #2: Quotes to Live By”

  1. ouiseigneur Says:

    yes, it’s poignant to hear of how hard it has been since his wife’s passing, and how he wants to pray with president obama despite no longer being able to serve as spiritual advisor. how amazing would it be if somehow he was able to be present for the inauguration. i know not going to happen. but he’ll be there in spirit, that’s for sure.


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