Men’s Ministry Meeting Minutes and….PAINTBALL

November 7, 2008

The Men’s Ministry is going strong, holding hands, and sharing heart-to-hearts. Just kidding. We’re not that strong.

Anyway, our tender warriors are hard at work. This latest installment comes care of Kyu, so offer up a high five next time you see him…


Discussed Tender Warrior Chapters 1 – 3

James introduced the concept of a “wake-up call” or epiphany regarding significant events that force us to question how we are living out our lives.  People shared major events that have been “wake-up calls.”  We should take a moment to each consider how we are living our spiritual lives and whether we are making an impact for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom.

The influence of “generational” sins, those committed by our fathers or grandfathers, have considerable impact on our lives.  We, like our fathers before us, tend to repeat some of the same sins in current relationships.  Several people shared some of the things which they struggle with are are trying to change.

We described the traits (good and bad) of our own fathers, our relationship with them and their influence on our relationships with our immediate family (wife and children).  Several traits were strikingly similar — the stereotypical Asian masculine personality of our parents’ generation — strong and distant, providing materially but not emotionally connected to wife and children.  I got the sense that many of the men regret not having a closer relationship with their fathers and ultimately not understanding the true person behind the tough exterior.

Accountability Partners

Groups have been randomly assigned and will be together for the rest of the year.  Groups should have regular meeting/calls to:

  • Discuss Tender Warrior getting through the book by December 31
  • Define and practice methods to get to help each other grow (e.g. memorize bible verses and discuss)
  • Get to know each other hopefully at Level 5 (this can be in any form that works for each group)

Service Activity (tbd) and Fellowship activity

Chae, Chai, Edward and James will take the lead on defining a service project(s) that the men can do together.  Suggestions from the broader group are welcome (feel free to suggest in the comments).

The first fellowship activity will be Paint Ball (to be organized) – all men are welcome to attend. If you know of some good facilities, please share them in the comments.

4 Responses to “Men’s Ministry Meeting Minutes and….PAINTBALL”

  1. Chae Says:

    hi, although I haven’t tried this place for paintball, here is one place that’s not too far, in Patterson, NY (near Brewster)
    Liberty Paintball
    1 Thunder Ridge Road
    (or use Thunder Ridge Ski Resort)
    Patterson,NY 12563

  2. DK Says:

    I’ve got some friends that go on periodic paintball outings with their church, i’ll see what i can dig up.

  3. HY Says:

    There’s a paintball facility that we pass all the time on route 6 in mohegan lake area. Haven’t been there or checked it out, but it’s close by and probably worth a call. It’s apparently a small field but lots of fun.

    Crazy Paint
    1949 East Main Street
    Mohegan Lake, New York 10547

  4. it is always easy to find good ski resorts online, but most of them are expensive but they are great anyway ~;’

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