An Evening With Frank Chan

November 4, 2008

On Tuesday, October 28, 2008, Robert, Jeehyun, Sang, John Kwon and I [Cathy] heard Dr. Frank Chan guest-lecture during a session of the Divine Healing class offered at Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS).  The class, normally taught by Dr. Ron Walborn (also Dean of ATS), investigates Biblical, theological and psychological perspectives on spiritual, emotional, physical and relational healing, and posits that Jesus heals miraculously today, just as He did when He walked the earth 2,000 years ago.  Students enrolled in the class are also required to practice ministering ‘soaking prayer’ to another, not only to seek actual physical and/or inner healing for the person being prayed for, but to draw closer to the healing heart of the Father. Make sure you read to the end to get Robert’s take on the session as well!

At this mid-point of the semester, Frank spoke specifically on the topic of generational blessings and curses — what they are, how they are spoken, and how generational curses are broken in the redeeming and restoring blood of Christ.  He used examples from Scripture to reinforce the fact that our lives are lived not just in the physical and natural realm that we can experience.  Rather, the spiritual realm is just as – if not more – active around us, and we as Christians would do well to be aware of this reality and to cling closer to the Lord in the midst of it.  Frank encouraged this spiritual awareness in the particular context of family and generation-to-generation relationships.

During the lecture, I found myself moving quickly from a place of detachment — “I have no generational issues, my family is so fine!” — to a place of slightly-heartbroken submission before God.  As Frank taught and told stories from his own life and childhood, I thanked God that my family line lacked the hugely horrific scars resulting from events such as abuse, adultery, witchcraft, addiction, etc.  Nevertheless, I also realized that even the relatively-small bumps in the road over which the generations of my family have traveled were and are not part of God’s good plan for us.  His desire was and is always to heal and always to show love and mercy to His children.  His desire was and is always to lead us into obedience, repentance, forgiveness and restoration.  His desire was and is always to speak His loving truth into our lives, and to build us up in grace and wholeness, especially in those areas where the enemy has taken a foothold in order to burden, fracture, dissolve and destroy.  And so, His desire was and is always to heal anyone and anything that has been made sick in any way, including my family and our relationships and our sins and our hurts.

Now, I do not, by nature, take awfully well to criticism.  Such defensiveness is magnified a thousand-fold when it comes to my family — nobody talks smack about the Kim’s and the Cha’s but me!  I have always felt pride — ranging from the healthily confident kind to the overblown arrogant kind — about my family and my history.  I still feel that pride, yes.  But I also believe that God has grown my heart and grown big enough in my life, that I can now accept constructive criticism of me and my family (at least from Him!).  Although my heart is made slightly heavy to realize that my family is not immune from generational brokenness, I am so thankful that the Lord has put before and around me His Word, His grace, His reality of healing and His people, so that I can be the start of generations of nothing but His blessings for my family.

Communally speaking, it was also really wonderful to share that Tuesday evening with brothers and a sister from New Hope.  I think Frank was a little weirded out by seeing an entire contingent of “outsiders” in his lecture, but for me, it was so sweet to worship, learn, share and pray together with my spiritual family members, especially in the fresh and vibrant environment of ATS.  I pray not just for myself, but for each NHFer who was there with me, that God would continue the gentle healing He began and nourish the good seed He planted in each of us that night.

(And not incidentally, I would like to add a note of great appreciation for Robert’s Steve Jobs reference below.  Right on, brother!)


From Robert N.: First of all, thanks to Cathy for sharing with us her Divine Healing class on Tuesday at ATS. It’s good to know that we look out for each other in this way. The lecture, by Frank Chan, was “What are “Curses”? How Can They Affect One’s Health and Well-Being? How Can They Be “Broken”? More than a well-prepared, insightful lecture, this was an evening of worship and prayer for healing for ourselves and each other. It’s never easy to put in words when something unexpected happens that is mind-opening and spiritually powerful. To use Steve Jobs’ expression, I felt many dots connecting Tuesday evening, during the lecture, within the class in their questions and sharing, in the worship time & presentation by an ATS missionary from Jordan, and during our prayer time, between a clearer understanding of the depth and breadth of sin and how prayer and trust in God through Jesus break its life-long holds.


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    i like this layout the best so far.

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    ah so you actually noticed the experimentation. yeah we’ll probably stick with this for the time being.

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