It’s All Russian To Me!

November 3, 2008

Even now, I sometimes can’t get over the wonderful providence of God’s timing and His hand.

Although communications between NHF and NHC (our sister congregation in Ukraine) have largely been error-free, there still have been moments where both sides wished for more clarity.  So, for a season last year, Lena Che helped us by translating letters and emails that we were sending over to NHC.  I was able to use my elementary Russian skills to rewrite what she translated, and send over NHF greetings and news to our friends in Kremenchuk.  (And no, they didn’t scoff at the fact that my handwriting looked like a 5-year-old’s.)

This year, we have among us a new friend, Laura Tagasheva, who delights in translation work!  So, just recently, members of U07 and U08 wrote a whole slew of notes and greetings and news updates to our friends at New Hope Church.  Laura translated them for us, and we sent them out over the weekend.

We trust that Laura’s help and contribution to our community in this area will go a long way in eliminating any last residue of potential miscommunication.  And we pray that having her on our side – doing translation work during the “off-season” and providing language instruction during the “training season” – will be a huge blessing to the growing friendship & sisterhood between our church and our brothers & sisters in Kremenchuk.

If any of you, at any time, have any words of love and blessing that you’d like to shoot over to NHC, please send them to me (Cathy), and Laura and I will make sure that NHC receives everything you intend for them.


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