Men Ministry Minutes 10/19/08

November 2, 2008

Men’s Ministry Meeting Minutes, Sunday, 10/19/08

A. Men’s Discipleship Group vs. Men’s Ministry

– Men’s Ministry is the larger group with events open to all men in the church and outside
– Men’s Discipleship Group is for the group of men committed to the brothers and to knowing Christ more

a. James shared ideas of men bonding via military experience from the book “Tender Warrior” from Stu Weber.
b. Wei Jing built on this idea by sharing that these military men needed each other in order survive, so in relating it to the Men’s discipleship group, we need each other and God in order to survive
c. Another idea not related from the book is “Staying Power” where men were invested in an idea, committed.  For example, Chae An and New Hope Fellowship

B. Accountability partners

-Alex shared regarding his experience with an accountability partner, ex. memorizing bible verses and how this impacts his life
-Wei Jing discussed how people learned differently, 1. Analytical (memorizing, or reading),  2. Sharing (verbal communication), 3. Activities together ( Physical activities), 4. Dreaming ( Sharing life dreams with each other)
Basically to accept the other person’s learning style and build on it.
-Resolution – Partners will be chosen randomly and will discuss the book, “Tender Warrior” til the end of the year.

C. Possible outreach to non-churched group

– Increasing Chinese speaking population in Westchester and are not attending church
– John Hahn’s brother’s church hosts a softball tournament in Queens

D. Discussion of format for Sunday meetings

– 30 minutes on bible based material or book
– Sharing / testimony
– Prayer
– Planning

E. We prayed for brothers


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