Forget about the candidates, are you out of touch?

October 31, 2008

An interesting experiment by Dan Goldstein, a professor at the London School of Business, attempts to determine how well people understand income inequality in the United States. You can participate in the short quiz here.

The gospel is replete with accounts of Jesus tending to the poor and defenseless. But, in today’s America, how is wealth defined? Household income is one obvious statistic. The experiment described above compares human perception to empirical data. If you are a little patient, you can see how your estimates compare with reality. You can obviously cheat and look up the answers, but I’d encourage you to see how you do without any research. You might be surprised!


2 Responses to “Forget about the candidates, are you out of touch?”

  1. chris Says:

    started it but looked a little too long

  2. DK Says:


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