Organize the Interweb with Google Reader [VIDEO]

October 22, 2008

If you visit a lot of different websites, you should consider using a feed reader. A feed reader automatically collects and updates stories from your favorite news sources. I use Google Reader to organize news stories and blog posts from 30+ different websites. The nice thing is I can then organize these different feeds into different categories (e.g., Finance, Technology, etc.). Most importantly, you can use Google Reader to automatically keep track of the NHF blog! Rather than visit this site all the time, you can use Google Reader to skim post headlines before clicking through to the full post. It’s super easy to use and very handy.

The following screenshot illustrates what I mean (in terms of keeping up to date with NHF stuff):

Organizing the Interweb

Organizing the Interweb

The video below provides a quick overview of what Google Reader can do:


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