Using the buddy system with Noomii [VIDEO]

October 21, 2008

The dudes discussed using the buddy system more effectively at a recent Men’s Ministry meeting. I recently ran across a new website called Noomii that offers users tools to set and reach life goals. According to the website, “Noomii is website that helps you and a friend achieve your big goals in life. In a system called called Pair Coaching, you life coach your friend and your friend life coaches you. It’s easy, fast, and fun. And the best part is that anyone can be a life coach – with no prior training or experience. Noomii shows you how.”

The following videos outline the different facets of the service. Maybe Noomii can help you and your buddy organize accountability and development goals.


3 Responses to “Using the buddy system with Noomii [VIDEO]”

  1. HY Says:

    Nice. Not to be confused with

    Has anyone heard the concept of having your own personal “Board of Directors”? The concept is that you actually identify people that serve on your “Board of Directors” and that you consult them about the issues, matters, decisions in your life. The intention is that you approach these people about serving in the role and that they formally agree to it (and are therefore invested in your life). Obviously, in the christian context, Jesus is the chairman of the board, but I thought it was an interesting concept and wondered if anyone had implemented it.

  2. DK Says:

    Newme, HA! That was funny.

    I haven’t heard of the Board of Directors concept. Interesting.

  3. […] you remember an earlier post about Noomii, here’s another web app that wants to help you organize your life: Lifetick. Like Noomii, […]

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