Men’s Ministry Minutes 10/5/08

October 20, 2008

For those of you who wonder what the guys do at Men’s Ministry meetings, you aren’t alone. In between poker hands, some real discussion takes place. Big Jim has a pretty good memory, and he’s graciously provided minutes of the meeting (after the jump). Uh, keep in mind, all of this is top secret. Break out your decoder rings…Here are what was spoken at the meeting this morning.  I apologize in advance for any mistatements:

Stan, Alex, and James shared what they learned at the “Weekend to Remember” by Family Life.
Lessons included:

  • Husbands committing sins by “omission” (not taking action) or by “commission”
  • Defining extramarital affairs – not only involvement with another woman but any activity that takes more of you than your marriage.
  • Husbands are either on the “Road to Oneness” building up a marriage and family or on the “Road to Brokenness” by not actively taking part in a marriage which could be construed as ” tearing it down”
  • Looking at wives as “Warrior-Partners.”
  • Understanding that the love for your wife is not based on her performance.
  • Show yourself some grace and show your wife more grace
  • During the Man to Man portion, there was an activity where everyone went around to state one adjective to describe their father.  This led to fathers thinking how they want to be described by their children.
  • Please speak with Alex, Stan, or James for more info.

Wei-Jing shared:

  • Praying for your wife in a serious way.
  • Saying no to the lies placed by Satan to disrupt your relationship with your wife.

Pastor Ed started the following:

1. Discussion on why men cannot be committed to church.  Responses were:

  • “Shooting down” other men
  • Men find it difficult to “be deep” with other guys
  • Difficulty in building relationships in church
  • Internalizing problems and being in self denial so not recognizing the need to share
  • Church is geared for “face to face” relationships (Christ and Man) while men are more comfortable to “Side to Side” Relationship (example. watching sports games)

2. Discussion on describing what a man is:

  • a builder
  • is powerful in the sense that  we can afffect change

3. Discussion on Purpose and Activities of the Men’s Ministry (items were discussed in reverse)

  • Service Project – Something that the men can do physically together that will benefit an individual, family, community
  • Sports – but doesn’t have to be “sports” – some sort of fellowship activity like paintball or touch football.  To promote bonding via activity
  • Support – relationship building, edifying each other, speaking truth in other brothers’ lives
  • Spirituality – Bible study or spritual enrichement
  • The fifth “S” is a secret to be revealed at a later time

In order to maintain consistency, we will have meetings twice a month.  It seems Sunday mornings are working out.

Other logistics will be discussed via e-mail.


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