NHF 2.0

October 15, 2008

The various ministry and small group leaders met on Sunday to discuss NHF’s next phase of development. A number of interesting questions were raised, ranging from the underlying mission of the church to the spiritual development of our children to how long service should last. Feel free to contact your small group leaders to find out more or to request written minutes of the meeting. More details after the jump…

The meeting participants were split into three groups. Each group was responsible for discussing one of three broad topics: Outreach, Visitors, and Worship Service. The idea was to identify immediate opportunities to implement new ideas.

Anyway, some highlights:

  • What community are we trying to serve? Whether its first generation Chinese professionals who have little to no experience with Christianity or people who are trying to be spiritual leaders to their children, the mission question remains unanswered.  The answer to this question may change over time, but explicit thought on this subject will help NHF prioritize its activities.
  • Are there opportunities to partner or network with other churches in the area? Our church may not be the right fit for some people and it would be nice to know where to refer them. Furthermore, partnering with other churches might help create some critical mass behind programs such as Perspectives and other sponsored events.
  • Entry points should be defined broadly. Events small and large can help introduce NHF to visitors. It could be a birthday, something like the golf tournament, whatever. In a more formal context, NHF does not have a clearly defined entry path for the new believer. A committee is being formed to figure that out.
  • Service should be more disciplined. Whether its praise or the sermon, the people involved need to be more aware of timing. Obviously there will be variation, but a disciplined service sends a good message to the congregation and allows time for follow-up after service.
  • Who is responsible for our children’s spiritual growth? Given the population explosion at our church, this issue got a lot of attention. Many parents felt that there needs to be some sort of oversight for the sunday school curriculum, probably in the form of a youth pastor or coordinator. On the other hand, others felt that the spiritual development of our children ultimately lies in the hands of their parents, a responsibility that should not be abrogated to paid staff.  In this case, it might make sense to hire an associate pastor, but not a youth pastor.
  • Where is the feedback mechanism? Feedback is a healthy part of any endeavor. The leaders have a responsibility to encourage feedback on what NHF is doing or not doing. But how do we capture it and put it to constructive use?

There were lots of other points raised and debated. Again, corner your small group leader and ply them for more info.


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